The Game

Alnory is a casual Strategy Role Playing Game, where you guide your band of heroes through a series of fights, making them grow stronger with each fight, until they are ready to face the final evil!

From your clan of heroes, you can choose up to three when starting a quest: they form the team you will play a series of fights with. Each fight, your heroes will gain experience and money, and both can be used to grow them as you see fit.

You win a fight by defeating all opponents on the playfield: each heroes can strike once, trying to weaken or defeat as much enemies as possible. When all are done, your turn is over, and all remaining opponents will try to strike your heroes.. if at least one survives, the next turn begins.

After winning all fights in a quest, you will be rewarded with jewelry, which provide bonuses for your heroes, making them ever stronger.

Sounds easy, right? The basics surely are, but things can get hectic pretty quickly. Also, don’t forget the advanced strategies for you experts out there:

  • Divide and Conquer your opponents, weakening their overall strength.
  • Choose between weapons that hit single opponents hard, or multiple ones softly.
  • Use Protection strategies to make heroes work together.
  • Picking the right jewels for your heroes to support your type of play.
  • Grow your heroes the way you want them to be!

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