Tale of Alnory

Few tales reach the darkness that has taken Alnory; once a prosperous land enjoying peace and riches, now dark and barren, a wasteland with a dwingling population trying to hold on to their crumbling remains..

landIt is not known why the sky darkened, only that it happened quickly and decisively; it took no more than a month, each day looking more like the night, until the sun was just a hand of a clock.

Most crops withered the same quarter, causing famine and starvation, first on the farmlands, then in the cities, and finally bringing down the mighty castles. With almost no food available, chaos and turmoil ensue everywhere.

More than a decade on, the sky was still in twilight, farmers bleed to grow what little they can, and the remaining population tries to continue living somehow.

monsterAnd then evil came. First they were only horrid tales, but soon they became real; monsters dripping from the North, killing all they found, slowly taking over Alnory.

By scraping together a ragtag army of defenders, the attacks are kept under control, but more than half of Alnory is now lost to evil monsters, causing further pain and suffering.

With no resources to take back this land, a novel plan was initiated: anyone daring enough to venture forth and kill monsters deep into the lost lands, will be paid in gold and allowed to keep anything they find..

This is your chance to shine! Put together a group of heroes, go out in search of monsters and treasure, and help the people gain back the lost land!



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