Team Avavi

Alnory is being developed by a small independent software team called Avavi, which is based in The Netherlands. With over 30 years of software development and countless hours (well, years really..) of gaming experience behind it, we want to bring you games that you enjoy, because we enjoy them ourselves.


With development of Alnory starting in early 2014, and investing more than a year of blood, sweat and coffee, we were able to deliver a single level version (“Chronicles of Castle Grimwald”) for public release in Feb 2015. This version was free to play on the website, and open to any comments and suggestions.

Based on the valuable feedback we got, further tweaking was done, which resulted in the current free demo containing the first level, which is also free to play on the website.  be sure to check it out, and send your comments:  we thrive on your feedback!

Alnory is being designed for Web, PC, Android and iOS, and will appear on all these platforms: however, initial Q3 Release is scheduled for PC, with mobiles following later on.

Alpha Funding on
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Technical info
Alnory is being developed using Monkey X MonkeyX
We use IGNITION X, from the great people at Playniax ! H_white_full_color
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