Heroes of Alnory

Having your team working together as a tight group is key! All heroes have their own background and advantages: learn to use them effectively.


ally0Coming from a self-made family, Ryall had a happy youth, with love, protection and broad training. But then a fire devastated the family estate, killing his parents and destroying all possessions. Forced to a life on the street, Ryall has been grabbing any opportunity for money to survive.

His father had always wanted him to be able to defend himself, and trained him personally in the use of swords, making Ryall an expert with them. His youth has given him a balanced soul, even when facing a harsh life.

Innate ability: Ryall gets an extra ATK-bonus when using a Sword.



ally1Growing up in an orphanage is hard, especially for little girls. The ones that survive tend to become tough as nails, and Desra certainly is. Having learned the hard way not to ever back away from a fight, Desra has no problem with kicking, screaming, cutting, slashing, hacking or biting her way through any enemy.

She is a woman not to mess with, and makes sure everybody knows that: as a result, enemies tend to avoid her when attacking. Her wild nature gives her strong blows, but weak defense: thankfully, cuts and bruises don’t matter to her that much.

Innate ability: Desra get an Avoidance-bonus, which reduces the chance that an opponent will attack her (but will choose another adventurer instead).



ally2Nobody knows where Burth comes from, and he clearly does not want to talk about it. He is actually a closed book on many subjects, and more a do-er than a talker. But it is clear there is one thing he values: loyalty. If he considers you a friend, and feels he can count on you, then rest assured that he will go through fire to help you in times of trouble.

Taking hits for himself or others is no problem for this bear of a man. Hurting evil is harder for him to do, but his support will be helpful for all.

Innate ability: Burth get an Assist-bonus, which increases the chance that he will assist other adventures when defending.



ally3Sheila was with other fugitives in the woodlands near the Iron Fortress, living off trapping wildlife and robbing travelers. Stealth, cunning and an eye for shooting arrows are good traits in the woods, and Sheila has them in spades. She had a good life, until a warlord decided to clear them out. After killing dozens of troops without stemming the tide, she felt it was time for a change of scenery, and fled.

She is fast, agile and extra deadly with any type of bow she can get. Hit-and-run is where she excels, and is too fragile to get bogged down.

 Innate ability: Sheila gets an extra ATK-bonus when using a any type of Bow.


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